In The Pocket Staff
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Gregory A. Haldan
Owner, Producer. After studying music and guitar at Berklee College Of Music and Sonoma State University, Gregory was on a quest to hear his own music at its highest potential. So in 1997, he began building In The Pocket Studio. It began with the purchase of the Neve 8068 console taken from the Benny Hill show in England. Since that time, Gregory has hand picked every piece of gear for ITP. Along with producing his original music under the names of Pocket Caravan and Blueberry Eye, Gregory has produced many acts including Joie Calio (dada), Samantha Stollenwerk, and Stiff Dead Cat. He has also been involved in mixing/engineering numerous sessions including X levitation Cult and Vinyl.

Jonathan Chi
Head Engineer, Producer, Studio Manager Since 2003 Jonathan has been the head engineer and studio manager for ITP. He has had the opportunity to work with artists such as: Jolie Holland, Stanton Moore of Galactic, Hamsa Lila, New Monsoon, Garaj Mahal, Charlie Hunter, Bill Frisell, Vinyl, Bernie Worrell of P-Funk, and many others. Jonathan also studied songwriting and guitar at Berklee College of Music. He is an experienced session guitarist, and writes and plays lead guitar for the band Rainmaker.

John-Paul McLean - Engineer
John-Paul has been an engineer at In the Pocket since 2003. He currently works extensively with Mickey Hart, and has worked with: Hamsa Lila, Jolie Holland, Bill Frissell, New Monsoon, and many others. John-Paul studied Arranging at Berklee College of Music and is also a skilled bassist in both session and live situations. He plays bass in the band Rainmaker.

Mike Scully - Assistant Engineer
A recent graduate of Ex'pression College for Digital Arts, Mike quickly moved from intern to assistant engineer at ITP. In addition to offering his services on sessions, he is an active live sound engineer in the Bay Area.

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